CONICAL Connection

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DONE implant

Micro-grooves to limit bone resorption.


Spiral profile with hybrid progress: flat and radiating towards the root, triangular-shaped externally, for greater penetration into incompletely prepared sites.


Thread with helical progress to enhance stable penetration.

Greater penetration

Also in the surgical sites under prepared, present above all in the upper jaw, due to the presence of poor quality bone tissue, or in the regenerated sites where a less persistent bone tissue is generally perceived.

Possibility to vary the implant screwing axis

It allows the clinician to vary the axis of screwing even after the initial insertion, without incurring trauma to the bone tissue; a feature given by the presence of helical-shaped thread.


Modulating the surgical procedure it is indicated in all bone types; even in the case of non-compact bone it is able to achieve a good primary stability.

Available in lengths of 6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13, 16 mm depending on the implant diameter (Ø3.75, Ø4.25 and Ø4.75).

Diametri e lunghezze sistema implantare Implassic FTP
Diametri e lunghezze sistema implantare Implassic FTP

Conical Connection

Internal 2.5 Hex.

One of the most widespread connection geometries in the world; 11˚ morse Taper locking with antirotational hexagon.

Guaranteed sterility

Dental Tech implants are supplied in sterile packaging which, if undamaged, guarantees the implant is protected from external agents and, if stored correctly, their sterility.

Smart Surgical Kit

Diametri e lunghezze sistema implantare Implassic FTP

Dental Tech “Smart Surgical kit” allows the clinician to work with a single kit of surgical instruments, regardless of the implant line used (with the exception of one-piece implant line).

All the drills contained have practical depth stops that can be inserted with great simplicity and removed from the drills in the tip > shank direction.

The screwdrivers (dedicated to the implant line used) and the dynamometric ratchet complete the kit.

– It is possible to compose the Surgical Kit, with or without the depth stops. 

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