One-piece BENDABLE Implant

One-piece implant with compressive threads
D-77 implant

One-piece implant with bendable neck.


Adjustable abutment slope angle.

No Pumping Effect.


Bone condensation design.

One-piece implant

D-77 implant is designed for use in very narrow alveolar ridges and for multiple unit restorations with immediate loading in the upper and lower jaws, to provide an anchor for prosthetic superstructures for dental restorations.

Simple prosthetic procedure

It can be used in combination with others implants and allows for simplified positioning and prosthetic procedure, both with flap and with flapless technique. Motorized insertion is recommended for better implant guidance


Available in lengths of 8, 10, 11.5, 13, 16 mm and in the following implant diameters (Ø3.25, Ø4.0 and Ø4.75).

Diametri e lunghezze sistema implantare D-77
tilt D-77


Bendable implant

If the implant has high primary stability, Abutment direction can be adjusted up to 15° relative to the implant axis, ensuring the desired prosthetic parallelization, but also allowing to take advantage of the adjacent stable bone structures.

It should be done in a single twisting operation so as not to compromise the integrity of the abutment neck.

Guaranteed sterility

Dental Tech implants are supplied in sterile packaging which, if undamaged, guarantees the implant is protected from external agents and, if stored correctly, their sterility.

Tray One-piece

tray for D-77

The Surgical Tray is dedicated to the bendable one-piece implant with compression thread.

All the drills contained, have practical depth stops that can be inserted with great simplicity and removed from the drills in the tip > shank direction.

The arrangement of the drills in the surgical tray allows for easy removal and repositioning of the same.

– It is possible to compose the Surgical Kit, with or without the depth stops and/or bone expander. 

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